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Medical Education & Doctor Wellness

Just Got a Fun Modern Makeover

Not Your Everyday CME!

Creating and maintaining healthy physicians:  HealthyMD-CME adventures provides physical and mental rejuvenation by combining accredited doctor wellness education, nutrition, fitness and motivational health programming with exciting luxury worldwide travel.  

Exploration & Adventure:  Explore the world’s most exciting travel destinations, integrating touring with physical activities, stress reduction, healthy nutrition, wellness motivation, and accredited education, in a fun, like minded group atmosphere. The result is a stronger and healthier you! 

Now in partnership with CME River Conferences offering our participants two CME learning programs to choose from:

  1. Our signature “Doctor Wellness Program” with Dr. Hassan Tetteh
  2. Specialty Program: “360 Degree Updates on Breast Cancer” with Dr. VK Gadi

Featured Destinations 

November 1 – 8, 2021

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What People are Saying

“A Great Find”

"What sets HealthyMD-CME apart is the intimate setting with the faculty and other participants. You learn not only in the state of the art lectures but at meals and while touring fabulous places together. The networking and colleagues that I met on this trip will be enormously beneficial to my practice in the future."

Dr. Mara R – Wisconsin

“Fabulous & flawless service”


"There is no way better to see the beauty of Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Durnstein than traveling in luxury on the Danube in a Riverboat. I have been totally spoiled for future vacations. A riverboat is the way to go. I’ve met such nice people and made professional connections at a HealthyMD-CME conference.. The staff was great and the food was fantastic. A really well run and developed trip."

Harriet S

“Another successful experience”

"Our experience was unique in that we were able to tour a lot of territory and a variety of places with minimal inconvenience. The fact that our boat was always with us and there were no long bus rides or waits made this mode of travel extremely enjoyable. Also, the food and level of faculty was outstanding. HealthyMD-CME certainly gets my highest recommendation."

Micheol R


"Outstanding experience in a wonderful educational environment."

Max B



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