The technological evolution of the medical industry in the past few years gave birth to a variety of methods to claim CME credits. Through the introduction of Internet-based CMEs, traditional practices such as live conferences has been seeing lower number of attendees. Only the more well-known professional association conferences have seen consistent large numbers of attendees.

Preferences are still mixed between healthcare professionals. The increased number of internet-based CMEs can be overwhelming and clog physicians’ emails. It is often unclear the integrity of the companies who developed the internet-based programs and to compete with the new platforms, high integrity associations and conferences who also put on live CME conferences are developing their own internet-based CMEs. It can get very confusing.

The Importance of Taking CMEs

Although CMEs is usually stereotyped as repetitive and time-consuming, the fact of the matter is-it is the only avenue for physicians practice changing information that assist them in their practice. Through CMEs, physicians can improve their problem-solving and decision making skills.

Online or Live?

The controversy that lies behind the comparison of a live interactive CME and an internet-based CME is rarely talked about.

Internet-based CMEs are accessible; easy to manage, convenient and fulfills the requirements for acquiring continued education credits. Internet-based CMEs, however, does not provide the face to face interaction that live conferences provide. Live conferences offer a unique opportunity to network with other colleagues, with keynote speakers and engage with other healthcare professionals.

The Preference

Both interned-based and live conferences CMEs provide a unique learning experience. While the former can cater to your fundamental learning requirements in your respective field, the latter allows for a more experiential and interactive approach.

CME river cruise

If you’re looking for an alternative to learn in an interactive yet relaxed setting, there are options you can choose from health MD CME cruises, depending on your needs.