The practice of medicine is undoubtedly one of the most stressful professions in the world. The demands to see more patients with less reimbursed services from insurance companies and demands from their home institutions for quality and performance measurements adds to an already stressful environment. And by the way, physicians must complete a certain amount of continuing education credits to meet their licensing requirements. Finding a balanced work-life environment is often far-reaching.

The main goal for a medical conference cruise is to provide the right setting to achieve health/fitness goals or practice and the forum for continuing education while on vacation. It doesn’t sound too appealing or even doable, but attendees of our HealthyMD-CME cruise has found that taking these trips have been equally enjoyable and educational. Aside from lectures onboard, a medical conference cruise is equipped with cutting-edge amenities and fitness programs which contribute to the overall mind and soul nourishment:

Physical Wellness

Healthy MD CME cruise offers focused training in intensive walking and biking during in-land tours. The average distance of these workouts is 10 miles, making it highly effective.

Our onboard physical wellness program extends to yoga held in the morning before breakfast. Engaging oneself in yoga is a helpful approach to regain physical flexibility, headspace clarity and emotional stability alike.

Local Cuisine

A heart-healthy cruise for doctors is the ultimate dream. Hopping on board enables them to choose from a wide selection of distinct local cuisine that will not only bring taste buds to a one-of-a-kind adventure but ensures a wholesome holiday trip.

Health Coaches

All the activities are facilitated by a group of professional off-site and on-site health coaches. The team’s primary objective is to encourage, motivate and guide guests in reaching their maximum fitness potential. A medical conference cruise is committed to the mental, physical and emotional rejuvenation of healthcare professionals — all the while providing a truly unique cruising experience.