Improvement is both a gradual and cooperative process, be it physical, political, social or technological. HealthyMD CME provides a means for physicians to continue their medical education in a relaxing, educational environment with fellow medical practitioners. Like a CME conference, communication and discussion are important for the further development of medical technology. 2020 hails a new decade, a new era of potential discoveries and innovations built upon the discoveries and innovations of previous years. The 2010s were an eventful period of time, and as with many things, medical technology flourished around the world. Here are a few medical innovations from around the globe in the past 10 years.


Ingestible Sensors for Stomach Health (Australia)


Gathering precise data for diagnosis about the colon, intestines or other components of the digestive system might usually involve surgery or colonoscopies. Around 2018, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia developed a kind of gas-detecting capsule (yet unnamed) that can be safely swallowed and used to gather important data without physically invading a patient’s body. In the initial studies, it was discovered that the human gut releases oxidizing chemicals to combat foreign bodies and that the colon might contain oxygen. Such discoveries could lead to further explorations of the human digestive system.


Wearable Skin Electronics (Japan)


Wearable technology is considered to be an emerging trend in medical technology, with portable healthcare devices being developed for the ease and accessibility of today’s tech-sensitive patients. Researchers at the University of Tokyo take it a step further, developing an elastic, ultrathin skin electronics device that can monitor health via dermal contact. Utilizing breathable nanomesh and advanced semiconductor technology, this device aims to provide user-friendly health monitoring for aging patients.


Steps Forward


These medical devices are just a few examples of medical technology that signals new advancements and discoveries in the field of healthcare in the future. Like conversations between physicians on a medical cruise ship, the development of medical technology cannot be conducted alone. It takes the unity and cooperation between various medical practitioners to achieve better care in the decade to come.