Almost 4 out of 5 doctors don’t get enough exercise.

Studies show that physicians who are physically active, and maintain a well-balanced diet are more likely to influence the healthy habits of their patients. Most doctors know the dangers of inactivity. Sadly, physical activity and good nutrition takes a backseat due to thei high demands imposed on them in recent years.

Physical Activity = Wellness

After conducting a survey among 61 doctors at the Bedford Hospital in the UK, it was found that 81% of them didn’t meet the standard physical activity per day. The daily recommended time to be physically active is 30 minutes, consistently engaging in fitness activities such as biking, running and/or yoga (running within the hospital hallway doesn’t count). Some of the reasons the majority were not able to meet such a standard in living a physically healthy lifestyle are the following:

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of workout facilities

As for the junior doctors, a lot of them have habits which had developed way back in their student days, then resulting to minor fitness problems. Meanwhile, the highest case of obesity and motivation are mostly attributable to stress-eating and excessive alcohol intake in the course of the respondents’ medical career.

Education + Physical Activity

Doctors find it difficult to squeeze physical activities into their schedule mainly due to these factors: their schedules are overbooked. While it may appear contradictory at first, several medical practitioners have actually found ways to go on strategic breaks through a medical conference cruise; a CME conference that combines all-inclusive health programs and travel opportunities that are undeniably hard to resist. Within a week’s time, you get to learn while regaining healthy habits.

Seek, gather and build relationships with physicians who have a similar mindset.

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